Dear Pet Lover,

You may already own, or be thinking of purchasing a dwarf hamster? If so, I have some great news for you!

You, like all loving pet owners want to provide the best possible care for your dwarf hamster, and in return receive the love and enjoyment of owning a beautiful healthy pet the whole family can take pride in!

Is Hamster a Great Pet?

Anyone who has ever come in to contact with one of these beautiful animals knows that they are amazing family pet.

There is nothing like to get up early to walk them, they are very low cost and they can teach your child responsibility and how to look after pet. Moreover, they will give you and your family a lifetime of love and enjoyment!

As with any pet ownership, there comes much responsibility. You have to know the correct food and feeding times, how to take care of this little creature and how to choose the best hamster cage to keep your pet healthy and happy. All the family has to learn how to handle these delicate sweet little animals! The best way to learn what you need, even if you have not purchased your pet yet, is to read “The Hamster HandBook!



In this book among others you will find:

  • What kind of diet you should use
  • What kind of hamster to buy
  • The facts on reproduction
  • Detecting Illness
  • Hamster communication
  • Housing the hamster